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Servicing Canterbury Region

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Head Office – Canterbury
2 Lakeside Place, Harewood 8051, Christchurch
Phone: 0800 400 WTM

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Meet the Christchurch Team

Our Christchurch team, with over 40 years experience combined work together to ensure the values of Wilsons TM are upheld not only on the road but within every moving part of the company. We are always accessible and regularly go out on the road with our crew too. We are building relationships with lasting friendships.

General Manager

Ben Hopewell

Over the past five years, Ben has served as a General Manager in the surfacing industry, leading a dedicated team through a dynamic landscape. He also worked as a Business Improvement Manager, which has given him the skills to step into our General Manger role and continue to lead the team into success.

He is committed to ensuring Wilsons Traffic Management continues excellence, innovation, and industry betterment, utilising the power of team work.

Fleet Manager

Mike Todd

Mike has 25 + years mechanical experience in industries including agriculture and drainage also many years working on traffic management equipment. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our fleet department. Mike takes pride in our fleet and ensures all our staff have excellently maintain, safe vehicles for them to carry out their job.
Estimator/Business Development Manager

Daniel Potter

With over 14 years’ of experience in the temporary traffic management industry Dan has been involved in most situations from a STMS and management perspective.
Dan has successfully managed various major utility and infrastructure projects for Waka Kotahi, C.C.C, SCIRT and various other principles throughout the South Island.
From starting in the industry as a trainee Dan has since gained all STMS qualifications including being an approved Mentor and Assessor and now puts his knowledge towards complex tender applications while contributing to the development to our business growth and brand.
TMP Designer

Mitch Clinton

Mitch is deeply entrenched in the realm of Traffic Management, with a robust background spanning over a decade, encompassing diverse roles within the industry. Presently, he serves as a Senior Traffic Management Plan Designer. Known for his adeptness in innovative problem-solving and streamlining workflows, Mitch ensures the seamless integration of comprehensive Legislative and Regulatory Compliance, coupled with exceptional communication and planning abilities. He is entrusted with providing Traffic Management solutions to our Operations Team and Clients, consistently meeting contractual obligations with precision, timeliness, and fiscal responsibility. This unwavering commitment ultimately serves the best interests of both our clients and the organizations they represent.
Operations Co-Ordinator

Tim Moore

Tim Moore embarked on his journey with Wilson’s Traffic Management in November 2022. He joined the organization with a blank slate regarding the intricacies of the traffic management industry. Armed with a background in computer proficiency, he swiftly navigated his way into the Operations department.His transition into the office space, coupled with his passion for technology, has empowered him to integrate a fresh and innovative perspective into the domain of traffic management. He is committed to embracing the ever-evolving landscape of this industry and harnessing his skills to drive efficiency and excellence in our operations.
Operations Co-ordinator

Nathan Lucas

Nathan has a significant role within the Wilsons Operations team despite only 3 years in the industry. His rapid progress speaks volumes about his dedication and hard work. He has a hands-on approach, actively engaging with both staff and clients. This involvement contributes to the team’s success by ensuring that the service provided on the field is top-notch.His ability to balance office responsibilities with fieldwork demonstrates a well-rounded skill set. His approachability and friendly nature, coupled with a willingness to share a laugh, can foster a positive work environment and good relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Nathan’s achievements in such a short time suggest a promising career trajectory within the company.

Payroll & People Manager

Tash Higgs

Tash is our Payroll magician, her role is vital in the continued success of Wilsons TM. There is more to being a Payroll Officer than meets the eye, and Tash juggles all the primary duties and responsibilities of this role with ease. From managing and processing payroll, record keeping through to maintaining records and reporting while assisting staff with their inquiries daily, Tash tackles every task with a positive attitude and a strong attention to detail. Tash is an exceptional addition to our office with her bubbly personality who always has us laughing and shows us an endless amount of support while working through her own day to day tasks

Nat Micol

Nat is our admin superstar, her role is so diverse, she deals with data entry, administration tasks for not only Christchurch branch but also our Queenstown branch, she also fits our staff with uniform to keep them looking fresh in the field.  Nat is an outgoing character who works hard every day to get the job done.

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